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Type Contrat
Long term contract

Starting salary £6.70 - £10.44

Type Etablissement
Residential home


Hampshire - carte



Conditions / Avantages
- Provide financial help with the cost of relocation if a strong candidate.

- Provide transportation till working location

- Will find accomodation

- Will pick up the candidate from the airport

- Help with Bills

- Help with sorting a bank account

- Wealth of training, including NVQs

- Transport to and From work.

Description de l'offre

P&P CONSEIL through his English partner ELITE CARE SERVICES, is hiring for its customers, residential home care in United Kingdom, specifically in the counties of Sussex, care assistants.

The candidates inform the company every week what days/nights/hours they want to work for that week, this is called ‘Availibility’.

There’s a booking system to book shifts for the employee in nursing homes.

Employees are taken to and from the shifts. All employees are expected to work 36 hours per week or more.

Sometimes the nursing homes will always ask the same carer and other times the carer will be at different homes every day.

It depends on what they want – whether the Employee wants to move around or stay in one place. (This also is down to what shifts are available.)

The contract offered is usually for 12 months and then it is renewed.

Détails techniques

Skills in : Safeguarding, Dementia, Moving & Handling, Medication Administration, British Legislation

Consistant working week (in terms of working hours)

Profil et Compétences

Good English level

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